Whangapoua Store

Whangapoua Store

Telephone Diane and Steve on 07-866-8274

For all your needs

  • Petrol
  • Wide range of Groceries
  • Milk
  • Papers
  • Gas bottle refills
  • Dive tank refills
  • Fishing Rods and tackle
  • Fishing Bait & Berley
  • A large range of fresh local vegetables and a range of quality meat.
  • A wide range of Wines, Beers and Spirits at very competitive prices
Fishing Tackle

Our range of fishing tackle has been extended to include great deals at extremely competitive prices on tackle and rod/reel combos.


If you must bring your dog to the store please do NOT tie them up to our door handle,chair or pot plants. Also if your dog leaves a deposit while at the store don't walk off and act like it didn't happen!.


Please have your dive tanks and LPG bottles checked because they WILL NOT BE FILLED if they are not in test. Please don't be offended if we refuse to fill your tanks. It is the Law.
We do suggest that you have a reserve bottle to prevent running out as the gas suppliers to the store will, under their regulations, deliver to us only two bottles twice a week. During the busy period this proves insufficient and we hate to disappoint


We have a huge range of bait, berley and tackle.
Thanks to the ratepayers Association we have a VHF radio and will monitor Channel 86 and will be able to relay calls and give assistance when necessary

Plastic shopping bags

If you send your children into the store please make sure they have a bag with them to carry purchases home. Also we would love you to recycle your old grocery/supermarket bags. Just save them and bring them with you next time you come to the beach.

Store Hours - as posted at the store

If there is any special item that you require just ask.

Finally, thank you for your support and kind wishes, it makes it all worthwhile.

Please drive carefully, looking forward to seeing you all - have a great holiday.

Diane and Steve