WBRA Achievements

Often we wonder if we are winning with our struggle with Council and the various legal bodies we deal with on a regular basis. As a Committee, the work we put in can seem to bare little fruit. So we have taken a moment to reflect on what we have achieved over the past couple of years - to remind our members (and ourselves) that we do make a difference.

In brief:

    Community Projects
  • Assisting planting projects led by Reserves Group
  • Donating tennis equipment to Te Rerenga School
  • Encouraging Telecom Schools Connection sponsors for Te Rerenga School
  • Supporting Whangapoua Tennis Club with information about tournaments
  • Supporting Whangapoua Fishing Club with information about competitions
  • Organization of the new surf lifesaving equipment
  • The playground refurbishment verses its relocation
  • Joint construction of the new shed for the rescue boat
  • Refurbishment of the meeting area/shelter opposite the shop
  • We have forced Council to address the safety issues at the boat ramp
  • We won the battle to have the rotten timber poles replaced at the children's fishing wharf
  • Organised the working bee to clear the track to New Chums and build new steps over the saddle
  • Donations to rescue services
  • Responsible for Police presence during the festive season
  • Constant liaison with Council over improved rubbish collection
  • Lobbying to Council for Onehunga Weed spraying in public areas
  • Lobbying Council to improve roading at Whangapoua
  • Providing ratepayers with list of emergency and service numbers
  • Organisation, funding and supply of opossum traps and bait

Subdivision/Business Interests

    Involved in Resource Consent processes for:
  • Opera Place
  • Anarake
  • Adams Hillside
  • Pungapunga Station
  • Rainbow River
  • Mullins Subdivision
  • Denize subdivision near Te Rerenga/causeway
  • Blue Mountain Lumber Sawmill
  • Realignment of the commercial land which Whangapoua Store is Located on
    Modifications to subdivisions:
  • minimum street lights in Opera Place
  • negotiated minimum paths/drains in Opera Place
  • maximized stormwater systems in Anarake
  • gathered significant opposition from community to Pungapunga subdivision resulting in its withdrawal and reformatting
  • negotiating Reserves and Reserves Contributions input at Whangapoua
    Surveying community on issues:
  • proposal for community sewerage scheme
  • proposal for community water reticulation scheme
  • proposal for the toilet at end of Mangakahia Drive by Pungapunga Stream
  • proposal for subdivision of hillsides around Whangapoua